Photographs and writings documenting 4 years of non-stop solo travel by an autistic female

Month: November 2019


Bird Imagery

I sometimes find is fascinating to sit and watch birds on the water. I can sit and focus on the light reflecting on the water for hours. Most of these shots were taking in Central Europe where you can often see swans on the water. It was really the first time i have seen swans in the wild and they look superb in photographs. 

Page Mission


What it the Purpose of this Website?

   This website is a documentation of my four years of travel as an autistic female. It will showcase my photos and writings from my travels and future travels. I am an autistic female in my thirties and in early 2015; I gave up me home and structured lifestyle to travel. I traveled for four years, been to about 40 countries and 4 continents.

  I traveled solo, and I limited my belongings to only  what could fit in a carryon- approved, 40 liter backpack.  I would often work in exchange for food and lodging and spend most of my time in developing countries. I was on a very tight budget.  While autism may make solo travel more difficult, I was extremely  determined to travel.See the About page to read more about me and this website.

I am currently writing a book and about half way finished. I really wish to find a publisher and editor .  I think this book could help others in some way. Traits of Autism do not go away when you travel but it does not make it impossible . The book will focus on autism when traveling solo and how I coped when thing went wrong.  If anyone knows of how to get published, please   Contact me    

Autistic sterotypes and individuality

According to stereotypes as autistic people we are said to be rigid and obsessed with structure. The media portray us as a burden to society and broken. Television often stereotypes us to be savants with minds like a computer system. Another stereotype is that we feel nothing which is completely untrue. Some stereotypes may apply to some of us but we are individuals. Being an individual means we obviously have different needs and desires. According to many of these stereotypes and societal misunderstanding, dreams of travel and wanderlust are unrealistic and will probably never be true. Luckily, this is kind of bullshit for some of us.

I once believed the stereotypes, and it gave me a feeling of worthlessness . I used to dream of travel but I never thought it was obtainable. The day I left home and shoved all my belongings in a 50 lt backpack was scary. I guessed it would last a few months at most but it lasted for 4 years. It trained me to be more flexible and made it where I was comfortable to talk to people. It made me independent and it was my education. I learned a lot and it taught me immense empathy and patience.

This blog will be about long term Travel and the effect my autism had on my lifestyle. It is my personal feelings and opinions. If you are on the spectrum and do not feel the same, please do not be offended.

Pathway in Armenia

This was taken near the Turkish border. To get to this area, i took an old mini bus from Yerevan at the bus station (sort of bus station) two taxi drivers lied to me and claimed that the bus did not exit.  Obviously the bus did exist and was filled with locals going back to their villages. I hitchhiked back.  It was a very impressive area and secluded. At the near-by monastery. There were groups of Russian tourists but few ventured past that.

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