I am really struggling with this new forced lifestyle change. I fear as a person on the spectrum that I will forget my social skills. I worked very hard to learn them and forgot some if I don’t have practice socializing. Social distancing had been really hard on me. I used to draw as a teenager and young adult. I have rediscovered it again. I am not really a good artist but it distracts me from the news that is rarely good these days. The theme is social isolation caused by social distancing.

A self-portrait and poem I wrote describing how I feel about social distancing. It is kind of in a Dystopian graphic Novel style. I used colored pencils and a moleskin travel journal.

This photo is of a meltdown. The lights are too bright and the sounds of the sirens are deafening. I am overwhelmed by the change of routine and the feeling of panic around me. I am distressed by the constant news of the sick and dead. All I can do is cover my head with my hands and cry loudly. My being alone in the city streets represents social distancing.

This shows my disgust and sadness regarding the life-changing current events. It is a masked self-portrait. The ball on the building represents the virus and the deaths it has caused. Like the plane hitting the twin towers in 2001, it is also a very dark time in the history of NYC. This time it is not fellow humans taking lives. It is nature. Like most of the world, I wish the virus would just fuck off.