Photographs and writings documenting 4 years of non-stop solo travel by an autistic female

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What it the Purpose of this Website?

   This website is a documentation of my four years of travel as an autistic female. It will showcase my photos and writings from my travels and future travels. I am an autistic female in my thirties and in early 2015; I gave up me home and structured lifestyle to travel. I traveled for four years, been to about 40 countries and 4 continents.

  I traveled solo, and I limited my belongings to only  what could fit in a carryon- approved, 40 liter backpack.  I would often work in exchange for food and lodging and spend most of my time in developing countries. I was on a very tight budget.  While autism may make solo travel more difficult, I was extremely  determined to travel.See the About page to read more about me and this website.

I am currently writing a book and about half way finished. I really wish to find a publisher and editor .  I think this book could help others in some way. Traits of Autism do not go away when you travel but it does not make it impossible . The book will focus on autism when traveling solo and how I coped when thing went wrong.  If anyone knows of how to get published, please   Contact me    


  1. judy

    You are an inspiration for everyone on the spectrum, Your writing is amazing, makes me feel like I am traveling with you. The photos are fabulous, I salute you young lady, keep up living your best life.

  2. Hi nice website

    Hi nice website

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